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GPS Financial are a friendly team of specialised brokers with decades of experience, access to all the leading lenders ensuring you receive the best possible value.

Who We Are

About Us

Back in 2011 our founder Morgan Stewart created the idea of GPS Financial from his home kitchen.

Back in 2011 GPS Financial was born. The aim? To end the stress along with all the paperwork and misinformation of mortgaging your property. Giving you a piece of mind while you sit back and let us do all the work for you while finding you the best deal for your financial situation.

See how it works

3 Simple Steps

We Search

We’ll set you up with your own mortgage expert who will sift through thousands of deals to find you the perfect one.

Rather than spending your days searching for hard to find deals, we have access to thousands of deals making it easy to match you with the right one.

We Apply

Throw away the thought of having to do endless amounts of application paperwork… that’s our job.

Your expert will keep you in the loop while we pester the providers for updates until the application is complete.

We Provide

We’ve found you the best deal, we’ve pestered the provider and completed all the application paperwork for you. You can now enjoy your property with the best rates possible, all while you sat back and relaxed.

No stress, no paperwork, no scanning for the best deals… Only GPS Financial.